Jun. 19th, 2011

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After nearly a week of catching bits and jigsaw pieces of this movie, I've finally, finally finished watching Enchanted, and oh! if ever I were inclined to write/ask for fic for this movie, it would definitely be Nancy/Edward. Or just Nancy or Edward on their own -- I want to know so much more about these two: backstory, whirlwind courtship, happily ever after as rulers of Andalasia. He's so innocent and earnest and she's underdeveloped as a character (and played by Idina Menzel, so why on earth was there no singing?) and there's so much room for stories! Lots of stories -- I'll have to go check up on Yuletides past now, to see what's been done already. *goes a-questing*

Edit: All Yuletide fics seem to be about Robert and/or Giselle. Other AO3 fics include a Nancy/Robert/Giselle where Nancy was formerly Maureen Johnson, one post-movie snippet where Pip recruits Kronk to teach Edward how to speak Squeakish, and a quick Nancy/Edward where Nancy turns Andalasia into a representative democracy.

Ah, the Wonderful World of Fandom: where "I'm not making this up" is always promptly followed by "'Cause somebody else already did!"
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Not really one for OTPs/OT3s/etc. If there's a particular pairing/moresome I prefer or I don't care for, I'll definitely tell you. Other than that, assume I'll be okay with anybody matched/unmatched with anybody else.

Gen is great! Basically everything I've written is gen in shippy clothing -- I like writing and reading things that have to do with the parts of romances that people don't usually see as romantic, but still have everything to do with the relationship, how and why it works (or doesn't). If shippy gen's not your thing though, I'll absolutely take plotty gen, or character study gen, crackgen -- whatever you've got on tap.

I don't resent the presence of female characters in slash, or anywhere else. In fact, I really like to see wonderfully-drawn female characters in places you wouldn't expect to find them -- genres and venues and professions that tend to be (or are perceived to be) boys' clubs. (Also vice-versa: men doing "women's work."*)

*Still love Dwyvach's observation in Taran Wanderer that the work doesn't care who's doing it, so long as it just gets done.


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