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Okay, so getting involved with Yuletide next year is dependent on my finishing a New Year's Resolution (not the mods' rule; mine). But already I've got ideas for fandoms! So many, many ideas, but here's two to start:

The Public Eye - Peter Shaffer (one-act play from the 1960s)

Which was made into a film in the early '70s called either The Public Eye or Follow Me depending on where you live. The marriage of a staid, slightly paranoid English accountant and his free-spirited but secretive American wife is, predictably, starting to run aground. Suspecting infidelity, the husband calls in a private investigator to track his wife's every move when she's away from home. But it's not a normal, everyday detective the agency sends him. And this isn't in any way an average, everyday love story (except that it is).

Google Books has the first few pages of the play available to read as a preview, and since the movie version's not available on DVD, I don't have to feel terribly criminal pointing out that some nice person's put up the whole thing on YouTube.

As a taste, watch 6/15 first. It's the part where Cristoforou, the eccentric investigator, recounts his very first day tracking the wife. (No real spoilers here.)

The second possibility's something I really wanted to ask for this past Yuletide, if the number of nominations hadn't been so severely limited (which actually turned out to be an extremely good thing, considering ;>):

Bronte (music video)

Song by Gotye, animation by Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment. About a herd of unlikely beasts and the wild child they take in, and then let go (maybe). Only three minutes long, so plenty of room for elaboration in all sorts of directions.

Like I said, so many ideas! And maybe I won't even end up requesting anything at all, but still, it's good to start jotting at least a little bit of this down ahead of time, right?


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