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Finally saw High Noon in its entirety and, oh yes, I'll probably be requesting this one as a new (old) fandom for Yuletide. So much packed into so little time, so much uncharted territory (especially backstories) for fic to explore.

Also finished watching Company with Raul Esparza, and hoo boy is it grim. I'd always got the feeling from the original cast album that all the couples, no matter how dysfunctional, basically deep down liked each other. No such reassurance here -- no string of "I love yous" from each to each at the end of the Tick-Tock number. (No Tick-Tock, for that matter. Which, other than the Hallmark card chorus -- and Bobby's inability to join in -- isn't much of a loss.)

Come to that, nobody even seems to like Bobby much, which... kind of undermines the whole point of his character, I thought. He's supposed to be likeable and charming in a shallow, undemanding sort of way, right? Hence the gaggle of friends and one-night-stands. Raul plays him as nervous and talky-clingy and verging on the point of crisis all throughout the thing, which would be great in hints and small doses, but by the end I was feeling pretty tired out and sour on everyone, except maybe April's and Amy's actresses (Marta's and Joanne's were trying just a bit too hard) and Larry's and Paul's actors, who all managed to make their characters endearing despite themselves.

Oh, and kudos to all the cast for doubling up as orchestra -- I expect the musicians' unions weren't as impressed as I was, though. :>P

On a completely different musical note, let me just end by saying that Gotye's Making Mirrors isn't as big a step from his previous album as Like Drawing Blood was from Boardface, but hey, it's no disappointment either. But you don't have to take my word for it...
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